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Replacing scupper in M-22 cockpit
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5/30/2019 at 1:21:25 AM GMT
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Replacing scupper in M-22 cockpit

Hi sailors

I had a leaking drain (scupper) in my cockpit that was contributing to water in the forward bilges under the cabin.  Turned out that the PO had caulked/poly adhesived the backing plate to the underside of the cockpit along with the scupper.  The backing plate had cracked and the whole thing was flexing the leaking.  The photos below show the replacement in case anyone else needs to work on this or has this problem.



First photo shows the backing plate covered with caulk, second after removing the caulk (or probably the other side).  Third is new backing plate with hole for scupper after epoxy coating the oak piece.  Should have epoxied after the hole was in, doh!  The coated with two coats of Petit epoxy paint (including the hole).  And finally installed in the boat with Total Boat thickened epoxy to hold it in and Boat life caulk on the scupper, ready to insert and hook up the hose to the drain.

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11/1/2019 at 6:31:38 PM GMT
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Hey wanted to say thanks for this post- my boat was the first one with the fiberglass cockpit, so it still has the old style drains (which are terrible with the new cockpit floor). I am retrofitting the newer style drains, your pictures are a big help.

So thanks!

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2/13/2020 at 12:52:46 AM GMT
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Rod Thanks for the pics, I just finished the retrofit of scuppers into my ‘82 (which had the old style centerboard drains, now filled). I also had some wood panels cut to fit the pass through to the rear bilge area, to help keep the smell from wafting from the bulge water into the cabin. Seeing how the factory scuppers mounted really helped. I went with the one size down scupper from spartan as it fit better in my cockpit.

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7/23/2020 at 9:00:39 PM GMT
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Glad the pictures were of use! I have been fortunate to have a series of Montgomery boats previously and they had a very active and photo forward repair group. It helped me to see what was done step by step.
I will post just for historical purposes that there was still a leak after doing this to the port and starboard scuppers that was do to failed sealing around the center board trunk. So just so you know...

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