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where is the bulkhead/cockpit joint on a marhall 22?
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2/16/2019 at 11:30:12 PM GMT
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where is the bulkhead/cockpit joint on a marhall 22?

Hi all,

I have had Otter an 1988 Marshall 22 for a couple of years.  She has always had fresh water accumulate in the cabin bilge.  I looked for leaks and thought I had found the source but no.  I was reading an online review of the boat from one of the magazines like Good Old Boat or such that counseled that some of the Marshall 22's had leaks at the cabin bulkhead cockpit joints over time that would lead to water in the cabin bilge.  I must admit that I have not done an extensive search for this joint but would love to figure out how to renew the seal at the joint so that my cabin bilge and plywood stringers stay dry.  Anyone able to tell me how to access it and seal (assuming 5200 but I am good with any approach).

Thanks in advance.


5/8/2019 at 12:51:55 AM GMT
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Just an update. No joint that I could find. I found that one of the cockpit scuppers was leaking into the upper bilge (the part by the center board). So that is on the punch list to seal.

5/8/2019 at 7:00:08 PM GMT
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I don't have a Marshall 22, but on my Sanderling I found a gaping hold under the teak board which runs down the center of the cockpit sole.  The hole was right at the back of centerboard trunk.  See the photos I've attached.

I had no idea that it was there until I pulled up the board.  I thought that all of the water in my boat was coming from hairline cracks in the fiberglass sole but I was mistaken.  The amount of water I was getting made a lot more sense once I saw this hole.

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Last edited Thursday, May 9, 2019
6/18/2019 at 6:24:37 PM GMT
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The seam basically runs along where T.'s hole is. The cockpit is essentially a fiberglass tub placed in, so it is the seam joining the horizontal surface of the cockpit floor to the vertical surfaces of the CB trunk and the cabin bulkhead.

To access that seam you must remove any caulking around the aft CB trunk (where it sticks out in to the cockpit by your scuppers), and you can go up through the ballast boxes (steps) and reach back and up.

I repaired the leak in mine my by glassing the entire seam in, as mine was tabbed in and sealed with marine caulk around the CB trunk (but mine is an '82, so there could be slight differences here). My leak was right where the junction of the cockpit floor and the CB trunk are, along a seam that appears solid.

A leak there however will drip into the upper bilge area as you saw, so unless it is getting so full that it spills over into the ballast boxes (which have limber holes forward to under the floor) it's probably not the source. This is possible though (the previous owner of mine let this happen all the time over a few years and almost destroyed the floor).

Some thoughts (apologies if you have tried already)- Is your mast taped and covered with the boot?

Portholes? If they are original the seals are getting pretty old. My leaky porthole gave zero (and I mean zero) indication of a leak (no marks, discoloration etc). I found it when it was raining.

Handrails, hardware, basically any place where the cabin top has something going through it can be a source. Can you run a hose over the top of the boat with someone inside or sit in the boat when it is raining?

Good luck and let us know what you find!

Last edited Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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