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Herreshoff America engine fumes in the cockpit
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6/17/2018 at 5:47:40 AM GMT
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Herreshoff America engine fumes in the cockpit


My HA18 has the engine well inside for an outboard motor. A previous owner added some sort of baffling to close the area off under the water line and added an exhaust line out the back of the boat. However, the baffling was falling apart and I had to remove it. I have replaced the exhaust line like he had it, but I am getting an huge amount of fumes coming up from the engine well inside the boat rather than going out the back. The engine smokes a lot now and I am not sure why but working on that problem. Even so, the smoke and fumes is more inside the boat and trapped in the cockpit as I move forward than is going out the back. I included a shot of the stern as it was before I removed the baffling so you can see what I am referring to for the exhaust port. The black coverings you see around the engine well hole are now gone. But the exhaust port is still there and hooked back up to the engine.

Does anyone know why I am getting so much exhaust in the engine well and cockpit instead of it going out the back of the boat and how I might correct this?





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6/30/2018 at 12:54:59 AM GMT
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I'm assuming the baffling is the 2 boards closing off the engine well? What are the 2 fittings at the transom? What engine do you have? The "baffles" would be the thing to keep the exhaust out. Sounds like your running a 2 cycle engine. I used to run one on C-Dog. It look like the boat was on fire at idle. Switched to a Honda 5hp 4 cycle. Do you have any fresh air venting for the engine?

8/13/2018 at 7:13:06 PM GMT
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I had a 2-stroke when first purchased my HA-18. The exhaust would kill my engine. I built a U-shaped 3" PVC collector with holes in the PVC tubing (capped the ends of the U). Added a tee section in middle, which led to the intake side of a bilge fan unit, from which which I ran an flex exhaust hose out the tiller opening. The exhaust tube would of course collapse when hard over on the tiller to that side. That fix adequately purged the smoke most of the time. I got tired of that setup and bought a 4-stroke 6-HP Tohatsu. Very happy with the 4-stroke. No more smoke, no more jury-rigged exhasut, etc. In my opinion, the best change is sell 2-stoke and go with a 4-stroke if you can afford to do so.

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8/15/2018 at 2:26:55 AM GMT
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One of the things I am experiencing with the Honda, is it has a tendency to stall after a hot run or sometimes when running at high speed. Very difficult to start after. Any problems with the Tohatsu?

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