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Lost Rudder for Handy Cat! 3 J. Wick thanks J. and P. I tried Stroudwater, no longer in service. I'll give Arey's Pond a try.John
by J. Wick
Monday, April 8, 2019
Sandpiper- moving Harken mainsheet block 0 R. White Not sure if this post is in the right spot- I would like to move the Harken mainsheet block on my Marshall Sandpiper (1985) from the base of the centerboard case to the top as is an option on new boats. Has anyone done this? I plan on contacting Marshall Marine but would appreciate some DIY input.
by R. White
Saturday, April 6, 2019
Catboat donation for youth adventure program 0 M. Welcome My sailing club (Saratoga Lake Sailing Club ) is in search of a free or very close to free catboat for use in our youth sailing programs.   Our "Adventure Sailing"  program is designed to expose kids to all the types of sailing that does not involve Optis/420s/FJs and nothing but racing racing drills.   We try to give them access all summer to play with keelboats, multihulls, day sailors and whatever we can get our hands on so they can just go out and learn and enjoy sailing for the pure fun of it.  They do sail my own Beetle Swan, but it is too small for a bunch of them to pile in and go out for a while which is what they really enjoy.  We had access for 1 season to a Handy Cat which they loved, but that was a loaner and went away.  We would love something in the 18-22' range which would let them go out as a big group.    Ideally we would also like to give them experience with a gaff rig which is non-existent at our club.   We do have a Foundation which is a 501c3 (Saratoga Lake Sailing Foundation) and thus can give a donation letter for tax purposes.    We are an all volunteer club so any assistance is greatly appreciated.  ADMIN: If this type of post/request is not allowed in the forums, my apologies and please remove or let me know and I will remove. Mark Welcome Director, Sailing School   
by M. Welcome
Saturday, March 30, 2019
Mooring Sea Anchor? 2 R. Schless Hi Beau Best Bet.Get the harbormaster to move you to a more protected location AND dont forget to bash the wedges periodically..Does ur boat gave a forestay?? Is it equipped with a wire : "hold down" (not certain of the correct nautical term) below decks at the mast step?.No real solution but maybe a rubber snubber will reduce the motion a bit but I wouldnt bet on it! MAMIE😎...
by J. Jodice
Saturday, March 2, 2019
new menber introduction 0 C. Hudacko Hello all, I'm Charles Hudacko and I joined a couple of months ago.. I have some experience beetle cats but that was back in my pre-teen years, so let's say 40 plus years ago. I've been thinking about buying a larger catboat for a handful of years now, something that I could use post retirement for coastal cruising from anywhere along the eastern coast, all the way down to Florida and maybe the great loop a few times. I currently live in the Fayetteville /Raleigh NC area and have been looking at NC coastal property to buy as for my impending retirment. My family also owns a house in Duxbury Mass, on the bay. I wished I could have had made the trip up for the annual meeting in Mystic this past weekend but couldn't do so. Thanks for letting me join & I look forward to learning more about the club & people that are in it. Charles H    
by C. Hudacko
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Minuteman 15 1 J. Clearwater I love it - she is a nimble cat, and I have sailed one for many years.
by K. Katz
Thursday, October 25, 2018
AIS Recommendations 2 D. Look Dan, You could buy a fixed VHF radio with AIS integration, you could connect this VHF to a chartplotter if you have one installed and that way you have the capability of seeing targets on a screen. But honestly, what are you trying to achieve with it? see or be seen? what's your train of thought with getting AIS?There are two types of AIS, A and B, A is commercial use (very expensive, transmits frequently) and B is everyone else, AIS B transmits at 30 second intervals or every three minutes if you are doing under 2 knots, which is terrible for collision avoidance, Your eyes are the best bit of kit when it comes to avoiding other vessels, and your lights are the best bit of kit for being avoided, AIS B adds a little situational awareness but a lot of the time it makes situations a lot more confusing if you are not used to it... So let me give you a very possible scenario, you are sailing at dusk, not much breeze, more like bobbing around (under 2 knots SOG) but you have you AIS on, adding a certain level of complacency. A mile away, charlie big nuts is taking his new 40 foot sea ray and has the need for speed, no prior experience or training, someone at west marine barely explained navigation so he is now a pro at it... weekend warrior at its finest, he is driving from inside, all his interior lights on, windshield covered in spray, basically zero situational awareness, but he has you on AIS, or had your last transmitted position 3 minutes ago, he doesn't know about bold alterations of course to avoid other boats, heck this clown thinks boats have headlights, Can you see what i'm getting at? I know this sounds extreme but scenarios like this are happening every single weekend all over the country, AIS is unfortunately only adding complacency to the mix, The only benefit I see from having AIS in such a small boat is being able to be spotted by commercial traffic in open water, you wouldn't believe how easily small sailboats blend into the sea and how easy it is to miss them/not see them at all.
by A. Archdale
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
I might be relocating to New Jersey any Catboat groups around Cape May? 0 E. Dankievitch Hi, I got a job offer down in Cape May New Jersey does anyone know of a Catboat group down there? on Delaware Bay?   
by E. Dankievitch
Sunday, October 7, 2018
Trailering Issues with Sanderling 7 J. Perry I echo what S. Hartman has said- Wheels touching the water is not a reliable indication of if you are far enough in. The trailer itself should be submerged the same amount as it is when you launch. Let the water do most of the work. There are so many variables involved that it is absolutely possible to have the vehicle's rear wheels in the water and the boat is not floating enough to retrieve and or launch. As long as the vehicle door sills are not in the water you are ok. Can you back in further if the extension is not your solution? Are you trailering from a low sedan?
by M. Poor
Thursday, September 27, 2018
Engines for the Marshall 18 Sanderling 1 F. Kemp I used to motor my J/24 all over heck-and-gone with a 3.5hp long shaft two-stroke with high thrust prop.Now, in general we were only motoring if it was calm. But one particular day conditions were sporting and we had to motor upwind after a pretty spectacular rig failure. It was kinda slow, but we got there.
by S. Hartman
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Alerion? 2 R. Schless Hello,Any members have experience with the 19' Alerion catboat and its overall maintenance/longevity, especially in salt? There's a 2000 for sale presently, and I'm interested to hear how they have held up over time (can it really be almost two decades? ;-)Particularly interested in learning more about the rig, and whether it requires any special attention, etc.Thanks,Doug
by D. Coupar
Monday, July 30, 2018
Jiffy reefing set up for Marshall Sanderling (1974) 5 B. Strigh Followed Knowlton's suggestions, and they work great! 5/16" line works fine. Thanks, Peter...
by R. Schless
Monday, July 2, 2018
Sanderling outboard options 5 W. Meier same issue with my Sandpiper/6hp outboard (with shifter extension, yet). Royal pain. And the outboard is ugly. Wish I had a diesel (with its own issues, of course)...But every time I sail past one of those Hereshoff Americas I have to smile.
by R. Schless
Monday, July 2, 2018
Marshall Sanderling Bulkhead Rot Repair 0 T. Moorhoff I've recently inherited a 1986 Marshall Sanderling.  She's a nice boat but needs a bit more work than I had anticipated.  The biggest issue right now is rot in the bulkhead at the aft end of the cabin.  The plywood is essentially gone. It appears that this is a common issue but I haven't found any explanation of the work involved or photos of the repair process.  Do any of you have tips on how to approach this?  There is also rot in the few inches of bench closest to the bulkhead mentioned above.  The end is no longer supported at the bulkhead and the bench is free to sag when loaded.  Has anybody come across this issue?  I'm hopeful that I can repair it without replacing the entire bench but I want to avoid band-aid fixes, too.   Don't have pics of the conditions right now but I've attached one from the day I picked her up just for fun.  Thanks in advance for any guidance! EDIT:  Looks like I accidentally put this in the "General Discussion" forum instead of the "Catboat Building and Maintenance" one.  Hopefully someone with admin powers can fix that...
by T. Moorhoff
Monday, July 2, 2018
Catboat accident reporting? 0 R. Schless I'm a retired ski patroller. In the ski patrol we have been collecting accident reports for a number of years, with the intent of discovering common issues across incidents that might give insights into how to minimize them. Having had a couple of "bumps" this season it occurred to me a similar reporting system might be worthwhile within the association. Does an anyone else share the interest, or am I a lone wolf in the wilderness? As a retiree I could set up a Shared Google spreadsheet if there is interest... Beau Schless
by R. Schless
Monday, July 2, 2018
Beetle cat electric motor recommendation request 2 L. MacCausland Beetle recommends the Torqueedo 1003L which is $1600-2k.
by L. MacCausland
Monday, June 18, 2018
3 for 3 0 R. Schless Typical launch day...high tide at 9:30 so 7:30 mad scramble to get from Sudbury to Winter Island boat ramp.  Gotta love 128! Got there, got mast up (after straightening out several snarles), got sail on, got trailer in the water....and the boat didn't float off.  Further in the water, stern came off (new car in deeper than I would have liked) and Bel Gato swung around across ramp. Started engine, hooked up dinghy, loaded lunch and passengers and headed to mooring. Got within 10 feet of mooring when engine died. Floated over to next boat over, rafted up, got in dinghy to use as transport, wind picked dinghy up and it went vertical, tossing self in the drink.  Good preserver worked, and inflated per instructions ($39.00 CO2 cartridge) .  Bill McHugh, Salem harbormaster came out and asked about the "man overboard" (moi)  At this point I was attempting to start outboard on BelGato when my watch flew off my wrist and landed squarely between the harbormaster's boat and ours. Splash! Bill rafted us up and towed us over to mooring.  Mooring had not been serviced (thank you Willa Marine) so lines were in 10 feet of sea weed.  Finally dragged the mooring lines onto boat,  Sent guests to shore with Bill while I attempted to start motor (second pull and of course ran like a kitten, who wudda thunk it??) So...another successful launch of Bel Gato for the summer.  May it only get better and better!
by R. Schless
Friday, May 25, 2018
Anyone Have the Menger Video? 2 C. Farr I believe I have it in VHS. Contact me if previous responder cannot find. --Pete Jakab
by P. Jakab
Sunday, January 14, 2018
HA-18 on a lift? 1 M. Stanley You have it right, All the weight on the keel and bunks for just balance on the sides.
by C. Huberman
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Recommendation for sureyor needed 1 Jack Greene Call your marine insurance company. They have a list of surveyors.
by R. Campbell
Monday, November 20, 2017
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