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Catboat Building and Maintenance
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Wood Boat Maintenance Guidance 3 R. Schless Beau:My first catboat was a 20-ft Crosby, -1910. She was in good shape and getting her ready was a piece of cake. The best thing for wood boats is to keep them in the water. Sand and paint the topsides and rub rail in the Fall when the boat is tight. Remove all varnish pieces that you can and bring them inside and varnish over the winter. I sand the spars outside and put them in the basement for winter varnishing. If you can't put them in a lace where you can do this over the winter- varnish them in the fall.In the Spring I closely examine the bottom, removing old seam compound and repaying the seams. Painting the bottom is the same as it would be with a fiberglass boat. I like to pay special attention to the toe rail and deck to cabin seam. Letting water get inside will most likely mean rot later or at the very least pealing paint. Engine work is the same as with fiberglass. I do as much as I can with the boat in the water. The work is quite enjoyable when done with the water lapping at the sides. I do a light sanding of the varnish in the fall and apply a coat or two.For the last 25-years, I have owned the 25-ft, Crosby catboat, GENEVIEVE. A few years ago, I completed the second major restoration while under my stewardship. This second restoration took 5-years. I replaced all plumbing and electrical infrastructure under the cockpit. I replaced all frames aft of the cockpit and ~ 65% of the planking. With this restoration completed she went back in the water and has been there for the last 3 years. I will take her out this fall for some needed painting to her topsides. -BOB
by R. Luckraft
Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Marshall18Caulking shear bead 0 R. Allsopp I am in the process of recaulking the beading on on the deck shear and cabin top.  I wonder if it is better to caulk both top and bottom of the shear bead or just the top so as to allow any water that might get in there to  drain out. Dick
by R. Allsopp
Monday, May 18, 2015
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