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Catboat Building and Maintenance
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Hiding wiring in a 18' Marshall Sanderling 2 B. O'Brien My 1969 Sanderling, believe wiring was later, is very clean, with wiring run along the deck edge and cabin edge with plastic wire clips an 1/4 srainless screws. To get across cabin, wire was routed in a shallow channel around the companionway with clips. Don't know how design may have changed. 1969 solid glass with exposed cabin beams, no coring.
by P. Knowlton
Friday, October 14, 2016
tiller has come loose from rudder (marshall Sanderling) 1 K. Carneal What manufacture boat do you have? I myself, have a Herreshoff HA18. Though limited in Catboat lore to that specific model, I have never seen a tiller mounted to a pintal and/ or gudgeon. Perhaps you are thinking of the rudder? Maybe a picture or two would help better understand your dilemma.
by C. Downes
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Mast wear covering 2 P. Cheverie Maybe try wrapping the claw in some leather and oiling the leather every now and then. It can be difficult to wrap just isolated areas of the mast because then you have to accommodate reefs, or maybe adjusting the throat, and sometimes the claw will get snagged on the covering. Much easier to treat what is causing the chaffing.
by B. DeLong
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Herreshoff America Rudder - Tiller connection 1 M. Perry I suggest the shims over the bolt. The bolt will wear away at the tiller, eventually making the hole larger and you end up with the same issue but now with a hole in your tiller.
by B. DeLong
Thursday, July 28, 2016
remove old inboard or keep it? 2 B. Welsh The inboard Sanderlings are a rare thing to find. I would consider replacing the Westerbeke with a 1GM yanmar. Outboard Sanderlings are dime a dozen. Your boat is one of high demand. If you want an outboard, scoop up a Sanderling with an outboard and let someone else repower the inboard.
by B. DeLong
Wednesday, July 27, 2016
cost and difficulty of adding tabernacle to menger? 1 C. Mitchell For me there was very little difficulty, I asked Geoff Marshall to build me a new mast.   Cost was a hair under $4K.  I was surprised at how easily we installed the mast at the Marshall yard.   Two people, (Geoff and I in this case), can lift it and place the mast in the keyway.   I raised it unrigged, myself just to test it there a the yard, and I’ve already tested raising the mast, rigged, single handed, at home on the trailer.   It requires a bit of effort and note to all, be absolutely sure that all the rigging is loosened completely before you attempt to lift the mast.  I pulled it out of the keyway and dropped it on the cockpit trying this the first time without help.  I’m going to trailer her this year, and am hoping I’ll never have to step or unstep the mast again.  The hardware and finished mast are awesome and work beautifully.  
by M. Perry
Saturday, July 16, 2016
cost and difficulty of adding tabernacle to menger? 0 C. Mitchell i've been looking at the  menger 19 and 23's .  can  anyone  give  me  ideas  about  what  it  would  cost  for a  yard  to  install a  tabernacle  on the  mengers?   i  saw  that on the  marshals,  for a  tabernacle, one  needs  to get a  new  mast  because  the  old  mast   and  or  deck   is not  strong  enough  to  take  the stress  of the  tabernacle  bolts. although  we  love  catboats,   we  can't  deal  with  one  without a  tabernacle  as  i'd be  single  handing a  lot.     all  thoughts  welcome,  fair and  steady  winds  to  you  all.             
by C. Mitchell
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Herreshoff America Bronze 2 S. McGovern Shane,Checking terms - I believe what you are looking for is a stemhead. If you want these results as well (maybe it's generic, I have no idea) - add ,stemhead,stem-head to above search terms.Good Luck,Doug
by D. McQuilken
Monday, June 27, 2016
Tiller maintence 2 S. Brown Thanks. Very helpful
by S. Brown
Saturday, May 28, 2016
Ideas for tabernacle on 23' Garden Cat 0 E. Reinhardt Hello All,    I am looking for help coming up with a good and acceptable design for a tabernacle on my new/old 1979 Wm Garden 23' Family Cat. My mast aluminum mast is 7" in diameter at the deck and 31'-10" from the water line. I have spoken with Chris at Marshall and their well proven system is for the smaller masts. Currently my thought is to modify a well thought HA 18  home built design found on August 19 2013. Barring other ideas my plan is to have a local Seattle based structural engineer modify and proof a plan for me.  Thank you,  Eric Reinhardt Seattle, WA
by E. Reinhardt
Sunday, May 22, 2016
Should I tabernacle the mast on my HA18? 4 M. Perry Geoff marshall put a tabernacle on my Sandpiper, and four years later i never had the mast off the boat. I always raised and lowered it single handed. It was safe and simple. Its just great to have.
by R. Schless
Saturday, May 21, 2016
Blocks 6 C. Downes The previous owner had sort of a mix and match approach to the sailing hardware. Also was a aluminum machinist. Thought C-Dog, (previously named Black Pearl) needed lots of aluminum nick - nacks and doo- dads. That all went to the recycler and began my hunt. What was left of the original bronze blocks, I rebuilt and the rest was E-bay. Takes a while, but you can always find what you need there. The reproductions are just too darn expensive!
by C. Downes
Thursday, May 12, 2016
tiller extention 2 N. Ernsting Drill a pilot hole first. When I was drilling for a tiller extension on my sanderling, the drill bit "walked" about 1/8" inch and now the mount is noticeably off center for any OCD types (like me) who look at it.
by S. Hartman
Sunday, May 8, 2016
Bronze Hinges '74 HA 18' Catboat 3 J. Callahan They do pop up from time to time on E-Bay.
by C. Downes
Saturday, April 23, 2016
Fenwick Williams 25' 2 N. Jones Hi. I knew the late Tony and this boat. I have a Fenwick Williams 21 and had a FW 18 when he built the Paula in Amesbury. I also know his brother John who now runs the Gorden Swift boatyard in Kensington. Much of the copy traffic about cats is on the listserve under the Useful Resource Links on the site. As for your question about the mainsheet on a catboat, I can describe mine. I assume you'd do something similar, but maybe with an added triple block and a much longer mainsheet. Starting on the aft deck behind the coaming is a bronze traveler. Sliding on a shackle is a single block on a swivel with a becket on the top. On the boom is a double block that rides on a bail. The sheet runs from the aforemetioned becket on the block on the traveler, up to one sheave of the double block on the boom, back down to the traveler block sheave, then back up to the second sheave of the boom block and back into the cockpit where you gather all the line in a huge hank, laying it somewhere where it can run out when you need it to. I have a small deck between my wheel and the coaming and I figure-eight coil mine and let it lie there, at the ready. I suggest maybe you should consider a double block on the traveler and triple on the boom because that sail is huge and you might appreciate a bit more mechanical advantage. Make sure you tie a figure-eight stop knot or use some other method so the line doesn't run out too far when on a run. You can do some damage to the boom or gooseneck if you let it run out too far. BTW, your boat is built like a tank.
by J. Grenier
Monday, March 21, 2016
Herman 17' Catboat Spars sails 0 E. Dankievitch I Just purchased a Un-Finished 17' Herman Catboat. the hull was started and then the owner/ builder passed away. I'm looking for spars and sails. Feel free to email me here or at I'll be posting some pics and sharing this project as it progresses.  Once you get "Infected with the CatBoat Bug" there is NO CURE! My Dad and I got infected back in 1976 right after hurricane Gloria, We became partners in an old Gil Smith cat. 40 years later and we're still at it, Cat Boating....  
by E. Dankievitch
Friday, March 18, 2016
Older Marshall 22 0 S. Umberger Just getting my new (to me) Marshall 22 ready to launch and wondered if anyone has experience with their Gray Marine 4 cyl. inboards and any tips.  My seller indicated it was generally reliable but can be tempermental.    
by S. Umberger
Monday, February 29, 2016
for 14' CAPE DORY HANDY CAT: new sail and rudder pintle/gudgeons needed 1 D. Rochelle Primary online suppliers of used sails, assume you have sizes, are, Bacon Sails,,,, (i'd start with the latter, they pull from multiple sites).Good LuckDougPS - see my other post for free search engine, you might have luck searching by boat model for parts - in your case probably Handy-Cat
by D. McQuilken
Thursday, December 31, 2015
14'CAPE DORY HANDY CAT centerboard pivot pin replacement 0 D. Rochelle for 14' Cape Dory HANDY CAT: In addition to the need for a replacement sail and a worn out gudgeons fix, I suspect I might want to get into closely inspecting and if need be replacing the centerboard pivot pin.  Having a board bind up or jam or worse fall out is something best avoided if possible, so...  I have looked it over, and can find no convenient way to visually inspect the pin and furthermore how to replace it, short of destructive structural tactics.  Anyone have helpful knowledge or suggestions?   ALSO, anymore Handy Cat owners out there care to touch base re: Handy Cats?  I'm here!  The boats given me a great deal of pleasure, and would like hearing what others might have to say. 
by D. Rochelle
Tuesday, December 29, 2015
Atlantic City 24 Centerboard 0 M. Rainis Lost the centerboard on my Atlantic City 24.   Can anyone provide the dimensions for an AC24 centerboard so that I can try to construct a replacement?  Thanks.
by M. Rainis
Monday, September 14, 2015
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