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Catboat Building and Maintenance
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Picture of a Marshall 22 on a trailer 2 William D. Watson Thanks for the information. I’ll take a look.
by William D. Watson
Saturday, November 11, 2017
Cushion Recommendations? 3 R. Schless For any Marshall cat, I'd go back to Marshall. When I was looking for a sail cover for Cranberry, my sailmaker (Squteague) told me to go to Marshall for one. The cushions will be in stock, but if not you'll probably have them faster and they'll fit better.
by B. Putnam
Thursday, November 9, 2017
Tank Capacity Question 0 J. Perry Greetings, I have a '90 Sanderling with an inboard diesel and marine head with a holding tank.  Can someone tell me what the capacity is on both the fuel and holding tanks?  Thanks, John      
by J. Perry
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Boom Crutch Brackets for an HA18 0 M. Perry Hi folks,  Both boom crutch brackets, upper and lower have failed on my 1972 HA18.  Does anyone know of a source or better yet have a couple for sale? Thanks for any help! Marc
by M. Perry
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Sanderling wedges 1 M. Lieberman Geoff seems to always have a supply at the annual meeting, and boat shows.My Sanderling came with a set of 14 wedges that someone spent some time making. The wedges are edge beveled to fit tight, and have a haunch to keep them from dropping through the partners. Inner surface is even concaved to fit the mast.The boat was reportedly raced quite a bit, and the forward wedge is very thin, maybe 1/4 ". I day sail and cruise, and fine-tuning mast rake isn't quite as important, but I understand a slight forward lean (don't recall the proper term) is desirable.
by P. Knowlton
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
HA18 on a Lift? 1 M. Stanley I have compac sunday cat and put it on the lift sometimes. The lift is set up for a whaler montauk and it works great. Even though they are the same size the montauk weighs about 300 lbs more than the cat. Just place the straps before and after the shoal keel and lift. Also on mine I have to lower the mast since there is a roof. But that is not a problem on my boat since it has the hinged mast. Good luck.
by R. Keith
Monday, September 18, 2017
Barndoor rudder 3 P. Plate Quote: Originally posted by R. Luckraft: Peter: That's an interesting design modification on your barn door rudder. I had seen the same sort of thing used on a replica of a sailing barge that was docked at a Museum on Lake Champlain - down the hill from the University of Vermont. I liked the idea of it. As for how the barndoor was developed. I can't tell you for sure, but I have a theory. Catboat were built to be shallow draft boats that could bounce off the sandbars. Tiller steered with the rudder off the stern requires only a gudgeon and pintle. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). A rudder kept in line with the keel would not get damaged when around. When sailing on a run the bow is driven down and the stern rises. With less rudder in the water you need to lengthen the rudder in order to keep control. Too little rudder and you have no control. Too long and it acts like a break. Catboat with underslung rudders have smaller rudders further forward and closer to the center of lateral resistance. When the nose goes down the underslung rudder is still completely in the water. Does what you have not work? What redesign idea are you thinking of? Perhaps a foil on the bottom of the rudder? -Bob Luckraft Hi Bob, at first sorry for my late reply but I kept sailing dwe uring sumer and than it happens that I am not checking too often in the CBA discussion forum. Buit thanks a lot for your answer. That really makes sense.I will add some of that info onto my own website. Well what I had in mind with my rudder? I had been fighting with very strong pressure on the tiller. This year I gota new tiller, which is some 4 inches higher and some 7 inches longer. Ths was a great investment as steering became now much more controlable. The second experience this year was sailing with the first and the 2nd reef t strong winds. Surprisingly the pressure t the tiller was less, the boat was more stable and the feeling was much safer than sailing without reef at lighter winds. as a conclusion I will start reefing sooner in the future. With my experience on 40-50 ft. keel yachts we didn´t even think of reefing at winds up to 15 knots. With my 17ft catboat I will consider the first reef in future already at winds of 9-10 knots. On the rudder. I woud love to try instead of my metal foldable blade a profiled blade as the late Horizon cats form ComPac Yachts are offering. That is slightly prebalanced and profiled as well. And finally it keeps the convenience of being foldable.  From a local boatbuilder, who also never was happy with the "barndoor"-type rudders he showed me one of his late designs. It offered exactly that: Prebalancing, profile and the look of a barndoor rudder(see attached grafic) A bit hard to see the rudder clear but it is prebalanced, thelower part is cut out, as according to th builder has no steering effect. And as it is niot as wide anymore it could be profiled. This one of course i no longer foldable. With kind regards Peter
by P. Plate
Thursday, September 14, 2017
New UNA catboat 1 P. Knowlton Display was at the Antique and Classic Boat Show in Salem, Ma, Aug. 26 and 27.
by P. Knowlton
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Cost of new awlgrip? 2 R. Schless I painted my HA-18 last year in awlgrip. See the pictures on my profile, but it wasn't cheap. Considering I had my entire cockpit sole cut out and rebuilt, I now have a self bailing cockpit catboat.
by M. Stanley
Monday, August 28, 2017
Lead Bricks 3 C. Huberman I may be too late responding to this lead pig issue. but I will humbly add my expertise. It is all kind of simple, fun and dangerous, if you're not careful. Do not breath the fumes.Bob Luckraft has a perfect cast iron pot. Do not lift the pot to pour. Use a stainless soup ladle. Purchase: 1. a small rectangular metal cake pan, about 6"x3"x2"+/- deep 2. a 50# or smaller bag of white play sandPut play sand in some kind of open top container. Maybe an old toy Red Ryder wagon or something. Keep sand vey damp.Impress rectangular shapes into damp sand with cake pan. ladle molten lead into sand. Pigs should weigh about 10 # each.Happy Days,Capt. Fred
by F. Saas
Friday, August 25, 2017
Stuck Centerboard 1 R. Schless I keep a cenerboard poker aboard. About a 30 inch long stick with a notch in the end, as the board doesn't always go down freely past about 1/2 due to side loading. The upper end of the pennant also seems to have swelled somewhat. Runs free at mooring. Do need to be careful when grounding out etc.
by P. Knowlton
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Conversion of Sanderling from tiller to a wheel? 3 R. Schless Thanks, bob...good article!
by R. Schless
Friday, July 7, 2017
HA 18 hatch cover needed 1 R. Hall Bob,Timing is everything!Assuming you don't get results here :-(I just wrote a blog entry on finding hard-to-get boat parts from multiple sources.You'll find it here: Luck!Doug
by D. McQuilken
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Yanmar 2 cylinder on Marshall Sanderling? 0 R. Schless A member of my yacht club has a 2 cylinder Yanmar for sale for a pittance.  Of course it needs rebuilding,(which could be a good winter project.)  The question it too much engine for a Marshall Sanderling?  
by R. Schless
Sunday, June 11, 2017
First Time Catboat 4 L. Patza how small is 'smaller'?  i'll be at the start to Race to Alaska in Port Townsend in June '17.  I'll arrive about the 4th of June and be there at least through the 8th of June.  If you would like to see a SageCat let me know -  
by D. Scobie
Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Antiskid 1 R. Hornyak no such thing as overkill in my book when making sure you don't slip overboard.
by D. Scobie
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Catboat Building and Maintenance 1 E. Reinhardt I've been mulling over the same topic and would also be interested in the information.Meanwhile, Eric if you need any parts for that cat you are welcome to set up daily search(es) at my search engine www.BoatUsedPartSearch.comDoug
by D. McQuilken
Saturday, February 18, 2017
Replace HA18 centerboard 4 G. Damerel Quote: I need to fit a new tiller I purchased from Marshall for my Sanderling.  The new one has a larger diameter than the original. To make it fit I would have to remove quite a bit of wood, and it looks like a tedious job that might not deliver good results. I also considered removing the tiller straps and opening them up and then bending them on the new tiller to fit.  I might have to fill the strap bolt holes since I expect they might not align after reshaping. Any suggestions would be appreciated.      
by R. Kelly
Friday, December 30, 2016
HA 18 lifting mechanism 2 G. Damerel Hi and thanks for your response on both this and the centerboard messages.My lifting device is a black Schaeffer drum with a stainless shaft so I guess it's right. My boat is also wrapped so I'll check the cable attachment later. I have made a new cable from 5/32 SS and will check the fork per your input. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New YearGeorge
by G. Damerel
Saturday, December 24, 2016
Menger 19 Broken Centerboard 1 M. Scheibeck In the end, Jerry Thompson proved to be alive, well and semi-retired, but still able to fabricate a replacement centerboard for us, which was installed by the folks at Strictly Sail in Cincinnati. Jerry's contact info here: yielded contact. Just got Virginia Mae home and covered for the winter (JUST in the nick of time!) yesterday, looking forward to sea trials with the new centerboard next spring.
by M. Scheibeck
Thursday, December 22, 2016
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