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Catboat Building and Maintenance
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Painting Hull 3 B. Capland Thanks
by B. Capland
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Marshall18 CB trunk flex 0 W. Meier The centerboard trunk sides of my 1985 Sanderling look to be in excellent condition but they flex a visible amount (maybe 1/4" in the center) when the board is down and the boat is in a seaway.  The ends of the trunk are rigid so there's no worry there.  I replaced the pin and repaired the centerboard last year (the pin and unreinforced hole were quite worn) and this reduced the force on the trunk and improved the situation but it's still disconcerting.  Is this normal for Sanderlings?  Here's a link to a short video I recorded while sailing on a broad reach in about 8kts of wind and a small swell from abeam. It takes a few cycles to see the trunk "breathing" with the swell.  The board was about halfway down at the time: Thanks for any input.
by W. Meier
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Fenwick Williams 18' "Patchy Fog" restoration 0 M. Cline Greetings. As some may have seen on the CBA's FaceBook page, I have acquired a 1955 Fenwick Williams 18' Catboat, last called "Patchy Fog." She was in Gloucester, MA at the Beacon Marine Basin for a number of years and is in rough shape. If you have a copy of "The Catboat Book" you will see pictures and a writeup of it briefly on pages 111/112.I have been given some great information from CBA members on past owners of the boat that I am working to track down. If anyone else has any information on this boat, please let me know. I am really wanting to find it's original drawings and other data for helping my restoration. Any pictures of course would be gold. My YouTube channel, "The Salvation Navy" will cover its restoration if you want to follow along. I have a couple videos covering how I found it, got it home, etc. More will be coming soon.I am sure I will be asking a lot of questions here for advice and wisdom in bringing her back to life. Thanks!Matt ClineThe Salvation Navy 
by M. Cline
Thursday, September 10, 2020
Sanderling scuppers 6 G. Stevens I just launched my 1975 sanderling after replacing the cockpit sole and bulkhead.  I eventually had to go back and cut out around the centerboard trunk and glass in the old holes for the drains into the centerboard trunk, which I overlooked when restoring the boat.  I did install a seacock with stainless steel drains on either side of the centerboard trunk.  The deck is pitched into them so the water drains completely out without any back flow into the cockpit.  I looked at the drain systems on the new Sanderlings and copied the same idea.  If the deck is soft, replace it.  The ribs seemed to be in good shape, so I treated them and glassed them.  I installed a 3/4" marine plywood deck.  Epoxied top and bottom prior to install.  I installed 3 hatches on the deck for access/storage in the bilge, also an automatic bilge pump.  I also made and installed new benches on either side.  Everything was pretty much rotted when I purchase the boat last year, but now she is back in action.  I really enjoy sailing her.  Please feel free to contact me at carneyri@yahoo.comPat
by P. Carney
Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Sanderling gallows or Bimini 1 G. Stevens Have a Sanderling and have read, studied and thought about it also. There is also, dodger and cocpit awning /tent ideas. More practical?Lot depends on sailing location and style (daysail vs cruise). I mostly daysail north of Cape Cod, and have settled for lightweight long clothes and broadbrimmed hat, with a mid sized beach umbrella for occasional sitting or windless powering.Gallows, something else to fowl mainsheet, engine, cleats, rail corners - enough.Bimini: maybe from NJ south, but just something else to crouch under. Put boom in crutch and try sitting and moving under it, bimini lower.
by P. Knowlton
Monday, August 24, 2020
Herreshoff America Gaff Jaws 0 M. Seal Just broke one half of the Gaff jaws on my 1973 Herreshoff America. Before I attempt to re-manufacture one, I was wondering if anyone happens to have a set  available, perhaps on an old rig that is not being used.  Please contact me at if you do.  Thanks Mark Seal 
by M. Seal
Saturday, August 22, 2020
Resurrecting a 1985 24' Mark-O Atlantic City Catboat 2 C. Johnson Another source you may want to look at: Friends of the catboat paula anne, and believe Restored Fenwick Williams in the Maine day charter trade, refitted a couple years ago with electric drive using a fairly large bank of lead-acic batteries.
by P. Knowlton
Thursday, August 20, 2020
HA 18 Rebuild Questions 2 J. Adey Thanks for the reply. I will be extending the keel and bottom as well to almost match the profile of your 18. Even with the sheet issues I prefer the bracket on the transom. I have a Merc 3.3 long shaft that should work quite nicely...
by J. Adey
Sunday, August 2, 2020
Boom vang substitute on a Catboat? 2 R. Schless There is a a reason boom vang's are not used on catboats. I had one and bent an eye and almost pulled the base through my cabin top. Check out The Competitive Cat that can be found in the CWB store. There are other ways of achieving the goal that does not include restricting the large amount of canvas a catboat can handle. Best of luck.
by J. Maxwell
Friday, July 31, 2020
18' Marshall Sanderling Leak 3 P. Carney I found the issue with the leaks and repairs are underway. The old drain system into the center board trunk was leaking through the bulkhead and into the bilge. I did not see these when I rebuilt the bulkhead and cockpit sole this winter. I also found some sketchy areas so I am in the process of matting and epoxying the centerboard trunk, mostly on the stern side. When I rebuilt the boat, I installed new deck scuppers with a seacock. These worked great for the short time the boat was in the water. Needless to say, it was an oversight on my part by not really filling in the old drains! So, I tore out the companionway and cockpit sole, removed the ballast, ground down the old drain hole areas, epoxied plywood patches over the old 3/4" holes, and all of the trunk will be covered in matting and epoxy. I will rebuild the bulkhead and cockpit sole and reinstall the scuppers. Big project, but I am excited knowing (hopefully) I found the leak issue.Thanks!Pat
by P. Carney
Thursday, July 23, 2020
Question about removing hand rails from cabin top 0 R. Roddewig I just got an estimate to strip and refinish some of the wood on Otter my M22.  The cost to do that for the two hand rails was about 10x the cost of new rails.  I could easily replace these or remove and refinish (the boat is 1&1/2 hour drive so it is hard to do it on the boat)  but I am not sure how they are attached.  I am used to though bolted hand rails but I do not see any nuts corresponding to where the rails attach.  Does anyone know how the hand rails attach on the Marshall cat boats?  Mine is an 88' if that makes a difference.Thanks!
by R. Roddewig
Thursday, July 23, 2020
Replacing scupper in M-22 cockpit 3 R. Roddewig Glad the pictures were of use! I have been fortunate to have a series of Montgomery boats previously and they had a very active and photo forward repair group. It helped me to see what was done step by step.I will post just for historical purposes that there was still a leak after doing this to the port and starboard scuppers that was do to failed sealing around the center board trunk. So just so you know...
by R. Roddewig
Thursday, July 23, 2020
Gil Smith 0 W. Colcord Does anyone know any information about the last catboat built by Gil Smith? Thanks, Bill Colcord
by W. Colcord
Sunday, July 5, 2020
Soft deck in cockpit 40 K. Trainor This weekend I brought the new seats down to the boat and fit them. I was surprised to see them slide into place without complaint. All the measuring really paid off. They are 9mm meranti with 6 ounce fabric on both sides and several layers of epoxy. I screwed In cleats of 1x1 mahogany to bulkhead and transom. After that, I started to measure the bullnoses while my yard workers took a break to go after perch. When all the fitting is done, I will take everything apart, glass the screw holes and put it back together again.
by J. Seymour
Monday, June 22, 2020
Sanderling bilge pump 0 N. Truscott Vannen is a 94 Sanderling with a 1GM10 diesel.  The bilge pump is located under the prop couple and shaft. This year I noticed that the pump was not running so tried to replace it.  The pump is a 500 gm something (cannot see name).  It does not fit between the shaft and side of the boat.  I unbolted the couple and pulled it back as far as it can go but still does not come out.  The shaft is into the couple so tight that it is not coming out.  It appears the pump was put in before the prop shaft or before the engine both of which do not make sense.  That the pump is 25 years old also does not make sense.  Has anyone else experienced this??  Jeff Marshall says he has a pump that he thinks is smaller.  Seeing him next week.  
by N. Truscott
Friday, June 19, 2020
Tabernacle Issues on Sanderling 4 R. Schless To continue my mast hinge story. After freeing the hinge and with the help of leavers and helpers I have had limited success but this spring it was very very stiff. One day I got the courage to unscrew the threaded hex bolt and took the hinge apart. Cleaning the exterior was just not sufficient to get it working properly. It came apart easily. I used spray starting either to clean it throughly and re-lubricated everything with SailKote. Happy to say it works like new and it went back together easily.
by D. Holbrook
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Tabernacle Cover 0 R. Schless My Sanderling has a tabernacle with a large opening in the front.  My parrel beads kept getting stuck in the opening when I went to raise the sail.  I've solved this problem using 3"  wide Nylo-tape (Rockler Woodworking sells it, as well as others).  I cover the opening when I set the mast, and remove it when I step it.  Works great!  Not cheap, ($40 for a 10' roll) but functional. 
by R. Schless
Sunday, June 7, 2020
Sanderling Wedges 1 N. Truscott Just had a Spartite put on my Sanderling this spring. It will be a treat NOT to have my wedges fall out in storms. If you want give me a shout in the fall and I'll give you an update, but it seems to be a nice, clean installation by Marshall.
by R. Schless
Sunday, June 7, 2020
What is this?? 2 S. Stafford Thank you— will recycle it.
by S. Stafford
Friday, May 29, 2020
Telltale Placement on a Gaff-Rigged Sail 2 C. Allen I'd like to know the answer as well. Thoughts?
by J. Maxwell
Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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