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18'Marshall Catboat Port holes
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11/7/2019 at 11:08:11 PM GMT
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18'Marshall Catboat Port holes

I purchased a 1975 18' Marshall Sanderling this summer which is in tough shape to say the least. I have replaced the cockpit deck and stern area.

I am currently in the process of replacing the port holes on the cabin, the old ones are cracked and need to be replaced.  I am trying to find a port hole that can be opened to replace the old ones.  So far, I can only find rectangle ones because the elliptical ones that are available are over 8" in height and will be too big.  The area around the old portholes is brittle and it appears that they were replaced once before. It is going to require a lot of caulking to make the current portholes tight.  I want the portholes to be solid and not have to worry about leaks while I am sailing. Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Pat Carney

11/9/2019 at 1:31:16 PM GMT
Posts: 66
I have a 1969 Sanderling, and although crazed some the port lights are tight and not leaking. I have the forward opening porthole , and a cabin top stainless vent, with the louvered doors this provides adequate ventilation. I'd recommend staying with the fixed port lights . If concerned about future crazing, you could look at having a local glass company make laminated safety glass replacements, check on amount of curvature.

11/17/2019 at 10:19:57 PM GMT
Posts: 4
Thanks for getting back to me about the port lights on your Sanderling. I decided to restore the original ones and I have already cut out the new lexan windows, and cleaned the bronze rings. I plan on using Dow 795 Silicon sealer to seal them to the cabin. They will now be fastened with through bolts to make them tight. I spoke with Geoff at Marshall Marine about it, and he suggests to leave it to the original design, which makes sense. I just purchase a new tabernackle mast for the boat. I am renovating the entire boat. Most of the cockpit and bulkhead was rotted. The cockpit was full of water. It has all been torn out and the new deck and bulkhead are epoxied in. I installed a new drainage system with 1 1/2" cockpit drains to a seacock, no longer out of the centerboard trunk. ( The new ones are designed like that) I also installed a bilge pump in the hull, in the event I do get water in that area. I plan on repainting the entire boat this spring and be sailing this summer. I plan on replacing the navigation lights with LED lights. The marine toilet was removed when I purchased the boat, but the hole were still there for the intake and discharge. The had sealed the holes to prevent water coming in. I filled the holes in on the bottom and epoxied them. The engine that came with the boat is a 9.9 Honda with a charging system.
Geoff and the crew at Marshall Marine have been great about helping me with the restoration of my boat!

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