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Bilge Pump Placement
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10/8/2019 at 12:09:52 PM GMT
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Bilge Pump Placement

Hello Everyone,


I am thinking of putting a small bilge pump in my Sanderling.  I want the hose to run under the stringers, down into the lowest part of the bilge.  I have been thinking about positioning the pump itself in the void next to the centerboard, and running its wires up to a battery box that will live under one of the seats.  I am a little concerned with the exhaust hose-- I was thinking of running it along the port side seat to a through hole in the transom, which is next to the outboard, but wonder if that will be a long way for the water to go.

Anyway, I was wonder what others have done.


10/12/2019 at 3:28:41 PM GMT
Posts: 56
I have a used 1969 Sanderling with outboard, and except for some rain water around mast, and maybe a small leak near cabin bulkhead, don't get excessive water. On boat several days a week. If the is a concerning amount of water, find source and correct it. Other than the skeg cavity, lowest part of bildge is at main bulkhead, and need to pump sides separately . Did find could drain skek after haul-out by removing a screw in bottom plate, maybe a couple ounces .

10/15/2019 at 12:32:52 PM GMT
Posts: 18
P. Knowlton,

Thank you. You speak a lot of sense. I suppose that I am over-engineering as usual. I have lived with a wet bilge for so long that I've become accustomed to pumping. With my new sole, I don't suppose that I will get very much water in the bilge. There are two access holes in the cabin bulkhead, so I will be able to pump that out, but you are right, the rest of the bilge will be pretty watertight if I do the job right. I My Sanderling does not have a garboard drain plug. I am not sure that I should drill a hole in the bottom of a perfectly good boat.


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