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Looking for opinions on 14'-16' catboats
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8/8/2019 at 8:45:39 PM GMT
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Looking for opinions on 14'-16' catboats

Hi, I presently have a BB Swan, (12') but I'm thinking about going bigger.   I want a folding mast, (although kevlar would probably work as well), as I will be trailering it. 

Present candidates are the Menger 15, the Minuteman 15, and maybe the Arey's pond 14'.   Also the Handy Cat looks nice, but I'd probably have to make a mast tabernacle.   I'm leaning towards the Menger or the Minuteman.   The Menger seems to be much better looking.   Weight and sail area are similar.   I guess I'm wondering if anyone can compare the sailing qualities.


8/11/2019 at 12:38:36 AM GMT
Posts: 6
I'm surprised a Marshall Sandpiper (15.6 ft.) with a hinged mast isn't on your list.

8/11/2019 at 1:54:08 PM GMT
Posts: 2
I do like the Sandpipers. But just a littele bit deep, a little bit heavy, and a touch more expensive.

2/27/2020 at 1:25:28 AM GMT
Posts: 23
I know it is a foot longer but it has a tabernacle and it is always over looked. The Menger 17. A very fine boat, designed by Bill Menger's son, Andrew. Bill stretched it to make the Menger 19 but in my opinion the 17 is the better boat. And Ive sailed both.

5/14/2020 at 8:24:06 PM GMT
Posts: 43
I had a Menger 15 then a Sandpiper before my Sanderling (continuous 2 foot it is!). The Menger was a little splashy but ripping fast. The Sandpiper was a lovely little boat. Much bigger cockpit than the Sanderling. My wife wont use the Sanderling's head when there's anyone else on the boat anyway and feels a Hilton is a downgrade from her in-house sleeping arrangements, so the Sanderling's cabin is an unused benefit yet to be fulfilled. Go for the Sandpiper. Really sturdy, well-made boat, and you really can pull it up on shore (on an incoming tide!!)

Beau Schless

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