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Tacking angle with catboats
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7/16/2019 at 12:36:05 PM GMT
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Tacking angle with catboats
Dear all, I am curious which is the possible angle when tacking with your catboats. On my 17ft catboat I typically can achieve 110 degree! Should I say "only"? Up to 100 degree is also possible but only with reduced speed and increasing leeway. Although 110 may appear like a lot but I would be very curious what are your experiences with all your different catboats ? Mine is a german designed 17 ft catboat with centreboard much like a Sanderling or Menger. I appreciate if you share your experiences. Thanks a lot Peter

7/17/2019 at 7:50:10 PM GMT
Posts: 66
On my Sanderling, l say 90 degrees, my compass and GPS usually go with around 100. I've done a true 90 or slightly better in ideal conditions, occasionally actually lifting - but rare. My sail has 23 seasons on it!
Lighter air and chop, need to foot some to keep up momentum , and power boat wakes are a killer. Above 10-12 knots can feather up nicely in puffs.
Good book available at CBA stote: The Competitive Cat, by Bill Welch MD. Basically for racing, but some good general tuning and trim ideas.

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