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Barrier coat for an old Marshall?
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7/15/2019 at 8:28:12 PM GMT
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Barrier coat for an old Marshall?

I've got a 1985 Marshall Sanderling which needs new anti-fouling.  I have not inspected for blisters yet but will.  When talking about the project, my local marina suggested adding barrier coat for a significant up-charge.  I've read up on the subject and have seen some conflicting opinions.  None of them say it's bad, just that it may not be warranted.  My boat is what you might call a fixer-upper so I am not looking for the Cadillac.  The Ford option will do just fine.

So what say you fiberglass catboat owners?  Do you have barrier coat on your boats or do you just keep up your anti-fouling regimen?

10/28/2019 at 3:32:44 AM GMT
Posts: 17
Real late reply, hope it can help. Do it if your boat will be in the water Year round (as in you live in Florida). Don't bother if you haul out half the year. Marshalls have a deserved reputation for not blistering. Mine's an 82 and I just soda blasted the hull (had crumbling layers of too much bottom paint) and the hull is perfect. Mines always been in the northeast though.

1/2/2020 at 12:19:26 AM GMT
Posts: 10
When I bought my 1994 Marshall 22 from the Marshall yard in 2016 they recommended pea blasting and 4 barrier coat layers for any of their boats that would be in the water 12 months each year. When they hauled my boat it did not have blisters, but had been floating low in the water. The scum line was at the top of the standard boot top. I was afraid that the hull had absorbed water. The existing bottom paint was thick and scaling off in patches.

I asked the Marshall yard to blast the bottom and apply 4 coats of Interlux barrier coat. This had the advantage of eliminating any worries I had about water absorption and let me start with a smooth coat of ablative bottom paint. When the boat launched it floated on its lines.

By the way, I prefer Sea Hawk BioCop ablative bottom paint. It is a little harder surface than other ablatives and a single coat will last the season without growing slime.

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