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Marshall 22 sloop vs gaff only rigging
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6/29/2019 at 1:11:10 AM GMT
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Marshall 22 sloop vs gaff only rigging

We are considering "upgrading" from our Marshall Sanderling to a Marshall 22.

Any thoughts how much an upgrade it would be? We are novices, having had our Sanderling for 3 years now.

We mostly sail the shallow bays around Oyster harbors on the Cape Cods southern coast (Osterville) and would like to explore more of the Nantucket sound, like visiting Martha's Vineyard or even Nantucket.

We found a 1988 Marshall 22 rigged as a sloop and would like to learn more how the sloop rigging compares to the traditional rigging with just the gaff sail. Is it more complicated to sail, what are the pro's and con's?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts 


Julie and Jurgen 


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6/29/2019 at 8:57:53 PM GMT
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Hope you get some good replies. Geoff is a straight shooter and will give you an honest evaluation of each. Also, you may want to join the catboat association lounge on Facebook , it gets a lot of good feedback.
I have a 50 year old Sanderling that I love, scaled down from a 28-foot sloop in my 70s , and have crewed on a M-22, but not the sloop.
The 22 is a lot more boat, actually and statistically (at least twice as large) and more compliacted system wise, particularly if you have an outboard 18.
Ckeck the interior layout carefully, for your intended use and comfort. V berths forward and head access.
More rigging on sloop, perhaps 50 percent more - cost. I'd guess similar for sails.
Marina storage, they will likely charge for the bowsprit lenght, could remove it for winter storage.
Get some more fordeck and anchor access with sloop, but until use to it the jib-boom could be a real shin knocker.
Have fun looking, Marshalls are one tough boat that will serve you for a long time.

6/30/2019 at 12:54:48 PM GMT
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Thanks, great advice and I agree with your characterization of Geoff. He helped me a lot with fixing a worn center board pin.

7/8/2019 at 6:07:44 PM GMT
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I sailed a sloop rigged version of the 22 this summer. I grew up sailing sloops of various sizes and also Sanderlings, and would say that what Geoff Marshall told me about the sloop rig 22 was spot on- "it doesn't sail like a typical sloop".

The performance was about the same as my 22 (cat rig).

The jib was another tool for balancing the helm which was nice. As mentioned before there is a little foredeck, which was nice as well. The sloop rig is beautiful.

I didn't notice any better pointing ability in the sloop rig. It added more sheets and another halyard. There is another sail to watch, put away, maintain/replace, and more hardware to deal with.

I like a catboat because it has a cat rig and is simple; that however is important to me as I like my catboat for a relaxing sail with friends and children of all sailing abilities. I love the huge single sail. Personally I feel the sloop rig detracts from some of the most attractive aspects of a catboat.

But whichever boat makes you look back at the mooring one last time after a sail and smile with pride, thats the boat for you (also the market is smaller for the sloop so I think you could get a better deal).

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