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Advice on options for outdoor winter storage
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9/24/2018 at 10:50:27 PM GMT
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Advice on options for outdoor winter storage

Hi everyone. I am a fairly new member, and this is my first post to a forum. I bought my 1991 Sanderling last fall and for the first winter, I used the heavy canvas tarp that came with it. Unfortunately, it was very dirty, very heavy, and deteriorating, leaving gritty yellow particles all over the boat. Its rough surface also attracted the snow, so I had to sweep off the snow after any major snowfall. I parted ways with it in the spring and assumed I would just join everyone else in having my boat shrink-wrapped. However, upon doing some reading, I see that the disposal of shrink wrap is becoming a major problem in many communities, as it's not easily recycled and has to be kept completely clean or it will contaminate a whole batch (see link below for one article). Not to mention the $350 I will have to pay every year. I am going to own this or a similar boat for the rest of my life, and don't want to generate all of that plastic waste every year.

So I find myself back in the market for a better tarp that will hold up to the Maine winters, be amenable to snow sliding off (assuming I have the right pitch), and not fall apart every few years. Do any of you in the Northeast have any suggestions? I obviously need to build some kind of support structure as well, since the folded-down mast does not create the necessary pitch, so if you have advice on that as well, please let me know. Thank you! -- Alan MacDuffie, Falmouth, Maine

9/25/2018 at 3:16:21 PM GMT
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Have you inquired at Marshall Marine if they make a winter cover for the boat? They always seem to have what I am looking for. If they don't they are always very helpful with sharing ideas and resources.

I have a custom built cover on my marshall 22 that came with the boat, built by a sail shop in Essex CT. A good canvas or cushion place can make one for you (and we have lots up here in Maine, you could ask Hallet Sails over at handy boat they are near you).

For what it's worth, if I were to purchase my own cover today I would try and buy a frameless cover. The labor to assemble and dissasemble the frame on mine winds up costing the same amount as shrink wrapping (and I have to borrow a truck to move the long pieces of the frame or pay to store it). The frame quickly becomes no fun at all (but I am not generating plastic).

Hope that helps.


9/25/2018 at 3:21:19 PM GMT
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Also practical sailor has a small write up on covers here,

with a link to this cover shop that has some good info

Reading through that may give you some more information about options out there.

9/19/2019 at 7:20:31 AM GMT
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Seattle rains have come knocking on my Sanderling 18'..and I need a cover that is easily removable for wintertime sailing opportunities.  In the past, I've used a 8x10' plastic tarp.  It's worked fine, but takes more time than I like to remove and stow.  I'm seeking one like the tan custom made tarp in the bow-oriented photo which just drapes over the boom & sail. Other pic is for comparison...and when cash pours from sky;)

If one has dimensions/ideas, please share ...but I'll also like to read ideas on snaps, lacing hooks or other hold-down mechanisms; please post your ideas....and closeup photos.

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5/14/2020 at 8:31:15 PM GMT
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My Sanderling came with a big LL Bean tarp that works great. I pull it over the folding mast and it just covers the whole boat. Came away pretty clean this spring, too.

Beau Schless

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