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AIS Recommendations
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1/29/2018 at 10:06:36 PM GMT
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AIS Recommendations

I was unable to make it to the CBA meeting last weekend. Bummed to have missed the event and opportunity to meet other owners. I am also disappointed that I missed the talk on AIS.

I have a Marshall 18' that I am planning on sailing north up the ICW from NC to MA and above. I am thinking that I might want to inverst in an AIS transponder for Windshadow, but have only been able to do research on product sites. 

Does anyone one have hands-on experience with these units and any suggestions or "local knowledge"?

I appreciate in advance any thoughts.

Dan Look

9/25/2018 at 3:33:42 PM GMT
Posts: 17
Dan I know this is late late LATE reply to your thread (but if you haven't gotten an answer yet) I have a friend who installed a Vesper Marine XB-8000. It is quite expensive but is incredible in terms of ease of use. It will communicate with basically any equipment you are running and was really straightforward to install.

I am looking for an option as well (and am probably going to get the Vesper), so if you have found one you like would you mind sharing?



10/17/2018 at 2:46:58 AM GMT
Posts: 1
You could buy a fixed VHF radio with AIS integration, you could connect this VHF to a chartplotter if you have one installed and that way you have the capability of seeing targets on a screen. But honestly, what are you trying to achieve with it? see or be seen? what's your train of thought with getting AIS?

There are two types of AIS, A and B, A is commercial use (very expensive, transmits frequently) and B is everyone else, AIS B transmits at 30 second intervals or every three minutes if you are doing under 2 knots, which is terrible for collision avoidance,
Your eyes are the best bit of kit when it comes to avoiding other vessels, and your lights are the best bit of kit for being avoided, AIS B adds a little situational awareness but a lot of the time it makes situations a lot more confusing if you are not used to it...

So let me give you a very possible scenario, you are sailing at dusk, not much breeze, more like bobbing around (under 2 knots SOG) but you have you AIS on, adding a certain level of complacency. A mile away, charlie big nuts is taking his new 40 foot sea ray and has the need for speed, no prior experience or training, someone at west marine barely explained navigation so he is now a pro at it... weekend warrior at its finest, he is driving from inside, all his interior lights on, windshield covered in spray, basically zero situational awareness,
but he has you on AIS, or had your last transmitted position 3 minutes ago, he doesn't know about bold alterations of course to avoid other boats, heck this clown thinks boats have headlights,
Can you see what i'm getting at? I know this sounds extreme but scenarios like this are happening every single weekend all over the country, AIS is unfortunately only adding complacency to the mix,

The only benefit I see from having AIS in such a small boat is being able to be spotted by commercial traffic in open water, you wouldn't believe how easily small sailboats blend into the sea and how easy it is to miss them/not see them at all.

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