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HA18 cockpit drain leak
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11/26/2017 at 12:44:41 PM GMT
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HA18 cockpit drain leak
My Nowak and Williams HA18 has an annoying leak which apparently comes from the cockpit drain. The issue magnifies when the boat pounds and water is forced up the trunk. The drain uses a brass tube that drains through the rear of the centerboard trunk. This drain leakage seems to be a common problem with N&W models and later HA18 models evidently drained out the side. I plan to remove the drain, fibreglass over the hole in the top of the trunk and install a new drain which will exit from the side. I'll need to cut out the existing drain to get to the top of the centerboard and then put a new cockpit drain in the cockpit floor. Has anyone dealt with this issue before and could offer guidance?

12/9/2017 at 9:01:25 PM GMT
Posts: 23
Yes. The older boats the tube just went into the end of the trunk. We had a boat sink at its mooring because of this. The tube is held into the trunk with thickened epoxy. The trunk moves and the cockpit floor doesn't. Over time this movement breaks the epoxy. The point at the top of the trunk is right at the water line. If the boat settles a little deeper because of accumulated water in the bilge and added equipment, you are now lower and the boat sinks because of this leak. My current 1980 Squadron Yacht built boat has the drain going out the side. I have redone older boats to the side drain. You have to relocate the tube to the side so the hose can be routed. You have to fiberglas over the resulting hole in the trunk. You can put in an access port to gain access to fiberglas the trunk. A couple of layers of wetted cloth with do it.

12/11/2017 at 1:38:05 PM GMT
Posts: 11
Thanks. I just bought both the cockpit drain and thru hull ( with valve) and will modify this in the spring. It's a real annoyance in a otherwise tight boat and only leaks when the boat pounds and water is forced up the trunk. Appreciate the input!

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