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Electrical Switch/Fuse Panel for Marshall Sanderling
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11/20/2017 at 2:06:06 AM GMT
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Electrical Switch/Fuse Panel for Marshall Sanderling

Does anyone have a recommendation for a simple switch/fuse panel and where to mount it?  I don't want to over do it;  I have running lights, Garmin 44dv chart plotter, and radio at  present all running from a 12 v deep cycle wet cell sitting aft under the seat.

I'm also looking for a recommendation for a solar charger to maintain the battery. The boat is on a mooring.

Thanks, Ron

11/20/2017 at 2:27:54 PM GMT
Posts: 5
I've been happy with the Ganz GSP-12 solar panel (12 watt output). It seems to be pretty durable and it provided enough capacity to keep the bilge pump working for the past 3 summers on my old wooden Chebacco 20 daysailer. It's now on my Marshall Sanderling to charge my iPad, iPhone and portable iCom VHF radio. I don't have running lights installed at this point. I stow the solar panel below the starboard cockpit seat on an under-mount tray and put it on top of the seat while the boat's at the mooring. I have a simple electrical meter and switch panel in the cabin against the starboard bulkhead to monitor the charge state. A cable runs from the back of the panel through the bulkhead just under the level of the cockpit seat. A big plus for me was the simplicity of the system: it doesn't require a charge controller.

11/21/2017 at 2:20:47 AM GMT
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I have a 1969 vintage Sanderling, and I'm not sure if the panel is original, but it works well and is out of the way. It's mounted at about a 45 degree angle between the main bulkhead and cabin side. Teak panel with a 4 switch/fuse panel mounted in it with a main power toggle, power-on lamp, and a cigar lighter socket. Circuits for running lights, steaming light on mast, VHF radio, and the cigar lighter. I've added a fused socket in the cockpit for extra electronics - usually with a usb adapter . I'm thinking about going to 4 circuit circuit breaker panel. Also, will be changing to led running light bulbs (much lower draw).
My outboard has a 5 amp (60 watt) alternator, but doesn't do much on short runs in/out of harbor. Looking to mount a 15 watt panel on companionway hatch, with the required charge controller somewhere.
Found a couple of stick on hockey-puck leds work well in cabin along with a small lantern which can double for an anchor light. Also use a backpacking candle lantern with a citronella candle in buggy areas.

12/4/2017 at 1:33:14 AM GMT
Posts: 2
Thank you both very much guys. These are some good ideas that I plan to put to good use. Maybe we can talk more at the meeting in January. Best, Ron

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