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Sanderling outboard options
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9/19/2017 at 5:07:09 PM GMT
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Sanderling outboard options

This past summer was my first as a Sanderling owner and I'm very pleased with the boat except for one thing:  The mercury 6hp outboard lives on the transom bracket and I haven't found a way to keep it from snagging the mainsheet (particularly when jibing).  On another level I think it's a bit of an eyesore that spoils the looks of the boat.  

My preference would be to stow it below the cockpit seats but it's too heavy for me to manage safely while underway.  I used the outboard sparingly - brought in the boat from the mooring twice this year - and would only use it to move the boat for short distances ( < 1nm) if the wind dies.

I'd love to hear what other Marshall Sanderling owners are doing in this regard.  Is anyone using a smaller, lighter outboard (e.g. the Honda 2.3hp or a Torqeedo electric unit) which could be stowed away when not in use?

Thanks for any insights you might have.

Best Regards,

Bill Meier

Mystic, CT

9/20/2017 at 2:02:23 PM GMT
Posts: 66
I have a 5HP Tohatsu on my Sanderling, and the weight surprises me every spring and fall, and not a good in-water task. I cruise quite a bit, so the larger engine is required. Based on it's performance, you may only get about 3 knots from a 2.5, and have some trouble with waves and tide.
As for jibing, my boat came with the Harken mid-boom block and hexaratchet cam cleat unit on the sole. Crouch with the tiller between the legs, sheet in tight going through the jibe, and ease out. In anything above 7 knots or so, make sure the ratchet is engaged , or you have good gloves . You will still need to worry about the outboard bracket, and occasionally I've snagged on the aft corner of the rubrail.

11/22/2017 at 3:49:38 AM GMT
Posts: 23
Get a Herreshoff America. Can't beat the outboard location in the well in the cockpit. Yes the Sanderling is marginally faster on a beat, but on all other points of sail they are identical.
Just my two cents.

1/17/2018 at 5:32:31 PM GMT
Posts: 1
I have the same heavy 6 hp engine.
I have rigged a line from the port stern cleat to an added fittings on the top rear portion of the engine cowling continuing down to the starboard stern cleat, the last foot or so being tied into a bungy cord to account for different engine positions. The slack mainsheet stays within the triangle formed by the taut line and the transom. Sorry no pictures available til next summer. It seems to work well and too unsigntly.

1/30/2018 at 8:45:17 PM GMT
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I actually have a 9.9 that came with the boat. Have the same issue with the sheet when jibing. I do what I was taught as a "12 meter" gibe. Sheet the main in, cross the helm and then let the main out controlled. Less strain on the rigging, no pop of a gibe and the sheet does not snag on the outboard.

7/3/2018 at 1:40:07 AM GMT
Posts: 43
same issue with my Sandpiper/6hp outboard (with shifter extension, yet). Royal pain. And the outboard is ugly. Wish I had a diesel (with its own issues, of course)...But every time I sail past one of those Hereshoff Americas I have to smile.

Beau Schless

5/14/2020 at 8:11:28 PM GMT
Posts: 43
BTW..Same issue with my Sanderling and 5 hp Honda. I've caught it sooo many times. "emergency" gibe almost turned the boat over. The main sheet was caught up on the outboard extension and there was no easy way to release it. I think this is a serious problem with the outboards on both the Sandpiper and Sanderling that Marshall should address, possibly by moving the main sheet boom hardware. . This summer I've shortened the gear shift lever (which had an extension on it) but the throttle/steering lever is still a problem. I was thinking of an inboard shifter/throttle linkage like on speedboats, but then it becomes a steering issue.

Any further suggestions?

Beau Schless

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