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Marshall Sandpiper centerboard pennant
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9/23/2015 at 2:44:16 PM GMT
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Marshall Sandpiper centerboard pennant
The nice folks at Marshall are very helpful with questions over the phone, but some FAQ's might be better handled on their website. For example, I could not figure out how to change the centerboard pennant. Geoff Marshall promptly returned my call and explained that the boat needs to be lifted on slings allowing the centerboard to drop down a full 90 degrees. At that point the pennant eye drops below the centerboard trunk allowing you to attach a new pennant.

10/3/2015 at 12:55:22 PM GMT
Posts: 5
G. I'm not quite sure if you're making a comment regarding the lack of maintenance FAQ on the Marshall site or your need to replace the centerboard pennant.

Speaking to you pennant comment...
I have replaced the CB pennant on my Sanderling from inside the cabin while it was on the trailer. I had the benefit of the original pennant being semi intact so I was able to bring the centerboard up close to the top of the trunk and fish a replacement 3/8 line through the eye and match the splice, length and such, from the frayed pennant.

I would think even w/out an existing pennant one would be able to get the centerboard up-most in the trunk from under the boat, if it's on a trailer or stand with the aid of wedges.

For what it's worth.

4/22/2019 at 5:32:08 AM GMT
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Pic of centerboard eye hauled up...while on trailer

Yes, I'm faced with replacing my Sanderling pennant and was seeking ideas.  W/o reading this tread or viewing Marshall Marine's photo  of the kind gentleman crew replacing the pennant while the centerboard swung below the raised vessel...I wouldn't have heaved and hoed so much. But I did, and Voilà! An eye appeared and I struggled to get this flat screwdriver to support...Geoff is probably cringing, for I suspect some unlucky soles have broken/chipped fiberglass where my screwdriver now rests.  Luckily...mine didn't an hasn't. Now to splicing...  What type line did folks use? (*pic is of original owner's work requiring replacement.)

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