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Soft deck in cockpit
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8/15/2019 at 2:15:12 PM GMT
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The white was just the primer but I also liked it a lot.  I considered sticking with it but in the end I decided to go with the conventional "sundown buff" from Interlux.  Hopefully it doesn't need to be cleaned as often as white would.

As for materials, here is what I used for the sole.  It doesn't include stuff I bought to do the cabin bulkhead or benches in the future.  There was also some PT lumber and rough cut locust which I used for modifications to the stringers.

- 10 yards of 12oz biaxial fiberglass (50in wide roll) for the skin over the plywood.  It was the perfect amount for two layers.  A slightly narrower roll would have been OK, too, as there was quite a bit of overlap in some places.
- 21 yards of 6oz woven fiberglass tape (6in wide roll) for the tabbing between the sole and the hull.  This was just enough for two layers all around the sole.
- 2 sheets of 4ftx8ft 1/2in marine grade plywood for the sole. 
- 2 cans of West System filleting blend for the fillets between the sole and the hull.
- About a gallon worth of microspheres which a friend gave me.  I used them for faring the sole.
- About 3 gallons of West System epoxy.  In hindsight, I think I should have just bought the larger container.  It would have saved me some trips to the marine supply shop and probably a bit of money.

If you plan to do the benches or stringers then you'll need 3/4" plywood (like you said).  You could probably do all of the stringers with two sheets.   I am pretty sure that the benches can both be cut from a single sheet.

8/27/2019 at 10:05:12 PM GMT
Posts: 20
Your post was most timely! I picked up a 50 inch wide roll of fiberglass and a roll of tape last week. Once my plywood order arrives, I can start the next phase of the overhaul.

My seats were half inch plywood, so I will go with that.


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