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Posted by: John Beck
2014-12-13 11:07:27

Subject: Rebuilding Mystic 20 Centerboard
I need to make a new centerboard for my Cat (a Mystic 20) and was wondering if anyone has plans or advice they could share? What is a preferred core material? My current board has a hole in the bottom exposing rusty metal (weight), and is deformed/collapsed side to side suggesting the plywood core? has rotted out. The board is about 4' long and weighs 57 pounds. Thanks for any ideas!
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Posted by: Douglas McQuilken
2014-12-06 09:04:52

Subject: Thinking of strip planking a catboat?
Check out this thread on WB forum -
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Posted by: David Olson
2014-09-09 07:50:50

Subject: HA-18 - Resolving Air Starvation & Exhaust in Motor Well
Love the HA-18 catboat, the way she sails and the concept of an outboard motor in a well. My only issue right now is the exhaust from 2-cycle engine appears to affect the engine performance at times (and my lungs are too fond of the exhaust either). I am considering drilling a 1.5" hole in the motor cover on side near carburetor and providing an air supply hose pulling air from area forward. I dont intend on using a inline fan as I think the engine will pull the air adequately. I am strongly considering this because the motor runs much better when I take off the cover and much less exhaust results as well. Does anyone have any experience with this or can provide any advice before I actually carry out this change?
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Posted by: Peter Knowlton
2014-09-02 18:12:22

Subject: Solar Panels
I would like to add a solar panel to keep the battery on my Marshall 18 charged, either a Group 24 or lighter U-1. It would be connected 24/7. Amorphous? Blocking Diodes? Charge Regulator? Thinking about mounting on companionway hatch. What has been done? Thank you.
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Posted by: C. Guy Marlow
2014-08-31 23:31:38

Subject: Converting a Catboat to Junk Rig
My wife and I have build a catboat to Ted Brewers design ( 21' Cape Cod Catboat ) and are thrilled with the result. We have found however, as we pass our seventieth birthdays that the weight of the spars and sail make cruising a physically challenging experience and the idea of gybing ( intenional or otherwise ) is enough to often keep us in port. A year ago therefore, I started reading up about junk rigs . The literature is clear and prescriptive enabling you to easily make your own sail. The acvantages are legion and you can even make a sail cheaply out of ( good ) polytarp. The sail I finally designed, inspired by the articles on the Junk Rig Association site, is now functioning. For the moment I have used the halyards existing on the original gaff rig and the yard of the JR is swung under the old throat block . The sail area is reduced from 370 to 280 sqft and the Centre of effort of the sail moved forward by 18 inches. The result is maybe not as pretty but I am delighted with the performance so far. The rig is easier to raise, weather helm is reduced to "just right" , gybing is quiet and non threatening,my wife doesnt spend her time worrying about the boom,reefing requires lowering the halyard and adjusting the sheeting. The new rig is a transformation and we have refound the joy of sailing . If anyone wants more information, I am writing an article and can share it. Guy Marlow - ARZAL France
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Posted by: Minor S Harris
2014-07-06 06:29:45

Subject: Herreshoff America/ ground against lightning strikes
How can a retractable swing keel be grounded . This is a Nowack and Williams Herreshoff America .
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Posted by: Brenton Welsh
2014-04-20 06:04:56

Subject: Removing the hatch on a Sanderling
I'm in the process of refinishing the bright work on my '79 Sanderling (449). I'd like to remove the cabin hatch and work on it at my workbench. Can anyone tell me how it is held in the sliding track and the steps to removing it? I'm hoping removing and reattaching it is a pretty simple operation. Thanks. Brenton
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Posted by: Mark Haverland
2013-12-06 21:44:48

Subject: Repower
I am trying to repower my HA-18 from my Johnson 2-stroke in the well. I want to put in a 2 cyl. Diesel inboard with a folding prop. Does anyone have a HA-18 with an inboard engine? Any and all help would be great. Thank you Mark Haverland
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Posted by: Rick Spilman
2013-08-17 19:40:19

Subject: Herreshoff 18 mast tabernacle
I recently built a mast tablernacle for my 73-built Herreshoff America 18 which I bought in May. I am pleased how it came out. I ordered a 4' section of 5" Schedule 40 Marine grade aluminum pipe online and used it to sleeve the original mast section. I used only hand tools and fasteners. No welding was required. The design is based on Platero ( which then modified to minimize the amount of bending required. Here are a few photos of the mast step on my boat, Peregrine.
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Posted by: Peter Wostrel
2013-06-07 06:12:52

Subject: Herreshoff 18 Catboat 1977 - Paint Color Match?
Hi - I recently bought a sweet Sqaudron Yachts 1977 Herreshoff 18 Catboat. There is some damage to the toerail that I have repaired and am trying to match the faded and yellowed white color. There are two Interlux paint colors that look close: Oyster white and arctic white - but alas the real color is somewhere in between. Has someone out there found a good color match for patching the faded white on a herreshoff of this vintage and make? Thanks for any advice! Peter
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