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David N. Blakey
2/10/10 5:00:17 P
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One great feature of the old web site was the Popular Designs pages. There was lots of info there: line drawings, specifications, and manufacturers info, for lots of different catboats. When I was looking for my first catboat, those pages were invaluable to me in learning about different boats and trying to decide which one(s) might best meet my needs. I'd be happy to provide info on my boat (Vintagecat 22) and I bet lots of other folks would too.
Posted by: Mark Haverland
2/21/10 1:35:56 P
Subject: Popular designs feature
I used those pages to help me understand the listings on the CATS FOR SALE pages. They were a great help! As a designer I am slowly documentating my HA-18. I would love a place where I could share my drawings for free. Right now I am doing a drawing for replacing my centerboard. Where can I share what I have done?
Posted by: Peter North
8/25/10 3:08:27 P
Subject: Popular designs feature
I just purchased a Marshall Sanderling and had previously used the plans on the site to better understand the designs. Couldn't this be put under the "Resources" tab? There does not seem to be any response from the webmaster on this concern. Does anyone monitor these posts? Peter