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Daily Tide & Current Predictions:  tide and current predictions are available for thousands of locations in North and Central America as available from NOAA and CHS.  


The Chesapeake Catboat Association Website is a fine resource link for catboaters on the Bay and PA. 


Barnegat Bay A-Cats is a resource link for A catboaters. Gary Jobson and Roy Wilkins have published a wonderful new book on the history of the A-Cats.  


Marine Weather Information

As a positive spin-off to the recent problems with Hurricane Floyd, several CBA LISTSERV members including Tom Sharp and Henry Depew have suggested (a) an article for the next issue of the CBA bulletin and/or (b) some additions to the CBA web page, of all the weather URLs that everyone was passing around with the idea of helping everyone track Floyd.

Hurricanes or no, these are useful sites for keeping track of and trying to second-guess the weather, and for navigation in unfamiliar harbors.

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THE CATBOAT BOOK ©, edited by John E. Leavens and co-published by the Catboat Association and International Marine. Sailing experts and CBA members offer tips and their insight on the unique skills necessary for catboat sailing, racing, design and restoration. The final chapter, "A CAT ALBUM" is a compendium of over 50 pages of priceless catboat photos from years gone by.

THE CATBOAT, AND HOW TO SAIL HER ©, another CBA publication, offers in-depth hands on expertise on vital areas of catboat sailing, handling and anchorage. It is the defining text on this unique sailing craft. A "must-have" text for novice catboaters and experts, alike.

Peter Vermilya, of the Mystic Seaport, CBA member and catboat expert offers a fine digest of excellent resources for the new, prospective or seasoned catboat enthusiast.   Drawing upon his vast knowledge of small crafts and sailing experiences. The late John E. Leavens, a founding member, offers his insight and opening remarks in the Preface.

Three Daniel Crosby cats off Branford, CT, circa 1913-1914
From John Killam Murphy March, 1963

The catboat is uniquely American. The type evolved as a working boat certainly before 1850and possibly as far back as the colonial era. It reached its highest perfection of form by 1900.

The evolution of the cat proceeded at an accelerated pace in the last half of the nineteenth century as new uses came into being. For a few brief decades, it was popular as a racing boat until the beginning of class racing and the introduction of new and different racing hulls in the 1890's. The catboat, with its huge beam and stubby mast set well forward, was a familiar sight in every harbor from Cape May, New Jersey to Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

Some other related web sites worth looking at for additional information on Catboats, sailing, New England coastal maritime history:

The Martha's Vineyard Historical Society's "Save the VANITY" Campaign.

Help preserve a part of the Catboat Association's heritage!


  Beetle Cat
New England Beetle Cat Boat Association

The New England Beetle Cat Boat Association is organized to promote and encourage the sailing and racing of the 75-year old wooden Beetle Cat.  A class championship is held every year and a regular newsletter reports on all aspects of Beetle Cat activity.  For more information about joining the NEBCA, please contact Roy Terwilliger at

Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea™


MYSTIC SEAPORT MUSEUM is a non-profit museum whose mission  is to tell the story of America and the Sea. Founded in 1929, the Museum has become the largest institution of its kind, with over 22,000 members, 450,000 annual visitors, and more than two million items in the collection.




PEABODY-ESSEX MUSEUM located in Salem, MA tells a story of what it was like for New England merchants, sailors and captains of industry during the halcyon days of the clipper ship. Rich in both art work and sculpture from around the world, the P-E Museum is a wonderful resource for any maritime historian.

WoodenBoat magazine, school and store, located in   Brooklin ME is the Mecca of New England boating &        sailing enthusiasts. From design reviews to bi-monthly new launchings of hand-made wooden boats, WB is the one asset most builders and sailors turn to first.

beetle.gif (4295 bytes)

The Beetle Cat Home Page

The Beetle Cat is a 12 foot, gaff rigged, wooden sailboat first built in 1921 by the Beetle family of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Beetle, Inc., located in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, is now the sole builder of Beetle Cat boats.


Wood & Water of Wickford (RI), Inc. offers quality wood and nautical products & hard-to-find hardware, fittings and lumber for traditional catboats.  There is also an on-site sawmill.



Osterville Historical Society and Museum

Parker and West Bay Roads,
Osterville, Cape Cod, MA 02655.
phone: 508-428-5861

The Woodpussy Catboat Renaissance

The Woodpussy catboat is being revived after a building pause of 30+ years.  Read and learn more here.